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Sometimes people end up in financial trouble and don't have the money saved to cover their latest bills, especially if they get some hefty emergency expenses. A loan is a common way to deal with this situation, but what if your credit score isn't very high or you need money without a long application process? In that case, a bad credit loan could be exactly what you need. At Go 2 Title Loans, we have bad credit loans Florida available for all qualified borrowers. In this case, all you need to qualify is your own vehicle and to be at least 18 years old. You can get a loan, with an amount determined by your car's value, on the very same day that you apply.

As far as the application process goes, we'll explain everything you need to do right now. Our application process for bad credit loans Florida starts online, making it far more convenient for you as a borrower. From here on the Go 2 Title Loans site, click Apply (the button is in our header menu). This opens the application page, which has a two-part form. The form will require you to input the following sets of info:

  • Vehicle info – Specifically, we need to get the model year, make and model of your car, its trim and a general idea of how many miles it has
  • Personal info – Here, we need your name, a good phone number where our representative can reach you, an email and your ZIP code

Once you've punched all that in and hit Submit, we'll be able to preapproval your application for a vehicle bad credit loan. To show you how much you could borrow, assuming that the car you have is in good condition, we'll also determine a quote for your bad credit loan. Shortly after submission of your app, a friendly Go 2 Title Loans rep will be in touch to answer any of your bad credit loans Florida questions.

Now, if you'd like to know what you'll need to bring when picking up your vehicle bad credit loan, here are the only three required items:

  • ID – A passport or driver's license will work fine
  • The car
  • The bad credit to that car

Unlike more traditional lending products, with a bad credit loan, there's no need to prepare by getting all your financial documents together.

At Go 2 Title Loans, we believe in providing the highest level of customer service. We are located in Florida for your convenience and are available to answer any questions you might have about the no credit check title loan process.

One of the ways that we offer superior customer services is by keeping payments affordable. This is made possible through competitive interest rates. We also offer the option to refinance your loan if you find you are not able to make your payments. We completely understand that circumstances can occur that might make it difficult to make your loan payments. This is why we make it available to refinance your loan, so that it does not become a financial burden to you.

Additionally, as long as you are making your payments on time, it is no problem for you to continue driving your vehicle.

No Credit Check in Florida: How To Apply

At Go 2 Title Loans, you likely do not have time to apply in person for a loan at a bank, complete stacks of applications papers, and wait for the lender to get back with you with a lending decision.

  1. Your Contact Information - You can get started with your loan application by entering your name and a number where we can reach you in the online application.
  2. Your Vehicle Information - To provide you with a loan estimate, we will also need some information about the vehicle you will be using to secure your loan. This information includes the mileage, make, and model.
  3. Get Your Quote - Please be aware that this is an estimate only. The actual amount of your loan will be based on your income as well as the value of your vehicle.

We are able to accept all makes and models of vehicles as security or no credit check title loans. Along with recreational vehicles and motorcycles, we also accept older models.

If you are like many people, when you have an urgent financial need, you do not have a lot of time to wait. We specialize in providing fast lending decisions and issuing quick loans.

Our online application process means that you never have to worry about missing a day of work or even leaving home in order to complete your no credit check title loan application. You can complete the application online at whatever time works best for you. In fact, you could even complete the application on the weekend or during the middle of the night if that is most convenient for you. It should only take you a few minutes to complete your application.

Frequently Asked No Credit Check Loan Questions

How Do I Get a Loan Without a Credit Check? Doesn't Credit Matter?

If you are concerned that your credit will cause your application to be rejected, there is no need to be worried. Our approval process is not based on your creditworthiness. By using your vehicle title to secure your loan, you don't need a perfect score.

How Long Does My Florida Loan Take?

If you are approved for a no credit check title loan, you should have the funds in your account within approximately one day. We understand that you need your money quickly, so we do not take a long time to approve loans or issue loan funds.

How Does It Work if You Use a Credit Check?

In the process of applying for car no credit check title loans in Florida, you should be aware that you will need a lien-free vehicle title in your name. This serves as the collateral for your loan and this is why you don't need a perfect credit score to be approved for a loan. Consequently, even if you have experienced credit problems in the past like a bankruptcy or foreclosure, we may still be able to approve your no credit check title loan request.

We are required to meet certain legal regulations before approving a no credit check title loan request. For instance, we must ensure that you are at least 18 years of age. We must also verify that you do not have any outstanding liens on the vehicle you are using to secure your no credit check title loan. Finally, we will need to make certain that you have a regular source of income you will be using for repaying your no credit check title loan. Please note that this does not mean that you must be employed to be approved for a loan. A regular source of income might include Social Security, alimony, unemployment, child support, or disability.

We will not ask any questions about how you plan to use the funds from your loan when you apply. At Go 2 Title Loans, we believe in your right to confidentiality. We completely understand that you may not wish to discuss your reasons for borrowing money. Many people choose to borrow money because they need to catch up on bills, have a large purchase they need to make, need to make home improvements or auto repairs, or have medical expenses. There are no restrictions regarding how you choose to use the funds from your loan, however.

Rather than wait days or weeks to receive the money you need to handle your finances, you can complete your online application within just a few minutes, receive a fast loan response, and if your loan is approved, receive the money you need within a day or less. Stop worrying about your finances and apply today.

Stop worrying about your finances and apply today!


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About Us

If you've looked up bad credit loans Florida, you probably want to stay in Florida when picking up your loan. After all, the speed of the application process is a major bad credit loan perk, but you don't get to take advantage of that if it takes a long drive just to reach your lender. With Go 2 Title Loans, any Florida locals won't have to go far to get their bad credit loans. We have a convenient location right here in Florida, and you'll have no trouble reaching us.

Once you're at our office, you can certainly mention to an associate of ours if you've already gotten a preapproval thanks to our online app. As far as the in-person loan process goes, this is what will happen:

  1. We'll give you the loan paperwork that we need you to review and sign.
  2. We'll assess the condition of your car and compare it to the info in a vehicle value guide to determine a current market value.
  3. We'll use said current market value to determine the amount of your loan.
  4. We'll just need your car bad credit (which you get back upon repayment of the loan), and then we'll issue your loan.

How It Works

A bad credit loan is a loan that's completely dependent on your car, as it's your car's value that the lender considers for approval of your loan and the amount they approve you to borrow. The car will also be the collateral on the loan, and because of this, the car bad credit must be clean and in your own name.

Federal law stipulates that anyone applying for a bad credit loan needs to be 18. For the other particulars on a bad credit loan, it varies from state to state. Here at Go 2 Title Loans, we issue bad credit loans Florida, which means we obviously go by Florida's bad credit loan regulations.

Florida doesn't restrict the following, instead of leaving them up to the lender and the borrower:

  • Maximum bad credit loan amounts – This will depend only on your car
  • Bad credit loan term lengths, including minimums and maximums – However, this is almost always 30 days
  • The state does put caps on bad credit loan interest rates, which is great for borrowers, especially since Florida has bad credit loan interest rates lower than just about anywhere else. The limit varies by amount borrowed. The annual percentage rate (APR) limits are 18, 24 and 30 percent for loans of over $3,000, over $2,000 up to $3,000 and up to $2,000, respectively.

When your bad credit loan's term ends, the amount due will be what you originally borrowed plus interest. If you're unable to pay all that, you have the option of renewal for another term, which only requires you to pay the interest. You do end up with another interest charge because of the new loan term.

Although you pay a bit more when you renew a bad credit loan, it's still the far better option compared to defaulting, as that could lead to the repossession of your car. Still, lenders are required to wait 30 days from the date of a missed payment before repossessing a car, and they must send a written notice prior to repossession.

Lenders must also send another written notice at least 10 days ahead of sale of the car. This notice must have both the sale details and an invoice of what the borrower owes. The borrower can pay the amount owed to retake possession of their car or buy it themselves at the sale.

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